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How it works...

A remote transmitter, mounted at a suitable location (usually in the plant room) on your premises, monitors up to twenty refrigeration units per data collector reducing costs substantially. Energy saving performance data is averaged and collected every 15 minutes. This data is sent via GPRS or Ethernet connection to a dedicated server. There it's collated and analysed to show system's performance and the energy savings you're enjoying with LPA®. You can access the information, presented as an easy to understand graphical display showing kWh baseline set up details from compression ratios to product temperatures all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visual Monitoring is committed to providing low cost energy monitoring solutions to track and monitor energy consumption as well as highlight any anomalies, giving you an early indication of a possible decline in refrigeration performance, so you can rectify potential faults before they cause spoilt produce or other inconvenience.


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